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Photo Challenge Links – April 2021

By beaufort | April 14, 2021

Here are the links from Tuesday’s photography lesson with FSgt Moore: Jamboard – website to upload cadets’ photos: How to use lightroom app: If you have questions, please email or

Training Schedule April 13-May 25, 2021

By beaufort | April 12, 2021

Apr 13 – F/Sgt Moore – Photography Lesson Apr 20 – Photo Challenge – Take a snapshot of a COVID hobby? Animal in Flight? Aviation at home? Citizenship in Practice? Cadet Knowledge? Use the principles taught during the Photography Lesson and share them with the Squadron….Honourable mentions to be posted to the website! Apr 27 […]

Tuesday Night Training Zoom Link – Recurring

By beaufort | March 10, 2021

Below you will find the zoom login for Tuesday night training. It is the same each week. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 879 6654 7283 Passcode: 576917 If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Captain Rose at or Captain Aumonier at

Commonwealth Day – March 9, 2021

By beaufort | March 8, 2021

This Tuesday we will be discussing the Commonwealth in Canada as part of recognizing Commonwealth day on March 8th. Bring your thoughts, facts and inquiries. Your participation in the discussion makes the topic interesting and relevant. I am looking forward to all of you sharing your knowledge of the Commonwealth.

Exploration of Mars – Tuesday, March 2, 2021

By beaufort | March 1, 2021

Good day everyone, Let’s look at aerospace and the exploration of Mars.  I have attached an interesting link from the 2011 landing on Mars.  Check it out and then look at the most recent landing. Be prepared to share facts about Mars such as why it is of interest to Canada, what they hope to […]

Gimli Glider – February 16, 2021

By beaufort | February 13, 2021

The Phonetic Alphabet is used to ensure that radio communications are clear.  In the case of an Air Canada flight that had to do an emergency landing in Gimli, Manitoba, this communication was key.  For next week, I would like you to research the story of the “Gimli Glider” and be prepared to present one […]

Phonetic Alphabet – February 9, 2021

By beaufort | February 3, 2021

Good day, Thank you for taking the time to participate in the virtual training activities that 893 is offering.  I hope they are fun and engaging with a bit of learning thrown in.  It was great to hear about the success of your paper airplanes.  Please send pictures or short videos of your activity if […]

Paper Airplane – February 2, 2021

By beaufort | January 29, 2021

Paper Airplane Activity Instruction Using the links below, build the three models of paper airplane. You’ll notice the three models have differences in their wings and their body sizes. Test fly the three different models and compare their performances! Pick up and hold the paper glider by the fuselage (the body of the airplane). Never […]

Bottle Rocket – January 26, 2021

By beaufort | January 29, 2021

Make a 2 liter Bottle Rocket. Duration 30 minutes Preparation List of Equipment ​Empty 2 litre pop bottle, bottle cork, inflation needle for sports ball, bicycle tire air pump (standing version), cardboard for rocket fins, construction paper for the nose cone, duct tape and water. Preparation Instructions ​To start your project, make sure that you […]

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