Effective Speaking

The effective speaking program is an experience in individual development. The speaker’s own growth, measured against his or her own previous experience and accomplishments, is the most important feature of the competition.

Air Cadets are aiming to be more valuable members of society. They are learning to organize and present ideas, opinions, and information in a logical, persuasive manner. They are building confidence in self-expression. They are taking responsibility for the most important skill of adult life – communication.

The Effective Speaking program prepares cadets for public speaking. This program leads to competitions at the regional, provincial, and national level amongst air cadets across the country.

Cadets are required to prepare a five to six-minute speech from a list of provided topics and a two to three-minute impromptu speech provided during the competition. Be sure to listen to the announcements for further details.

Air Cadet League Effective Speaking Competition Pin

Winners of the Zone competition will be awarded this.

Winners of the Provincial competition will be awarded this.

Winners of the National competition will be awarded this.

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