Nationwide, the success of the cadet program is the result of the strong partnership between the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Air Cadet League of Canada (represented on a provincial level by the British Columbia Provincial Committee or BCPC). For our squadron, this partnership is represented by the Commanding Officer and the Sponsoring Committee Chair. They work together to combine the resources made available from the DND and BCPC to deliver the best possible training year for your cadet.

There are many advantages that your son/daughter receives as a member of the Cadet Program. and while registration in the cadet program is free, the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is faced with finding the funds to provide what is not covered by the DND to supplement the program and it’s offered activities.

 Some of our SSC expenses and responsibilities include:

  • Administrative costs such as facility mortgage, utilities, contents insurance, building liability insurance, building maintenance, administration/office supplies. 
  • Trophies and awards for cadets.
  • Additional costs to fund biathlon, first aid, marksmanship, band, drill team, flying, CASC (computerized flying program), special events (mess dinner/ACR), and other activities that are not covered by DND. 
  • Air Cadet League of Canada assessment for each cadet. The Air Cadet League of Canada (click here to learn more) and British Columbia Provincial Committee (click here to learn more) cover costs of the maintenance and insurance for 12 gliders and 6 tow planes, volunteer insurance through ACL of Canada, BCPC Office/administration costs, legal services retained for the benefit of BCPC and Sponsoring Committees.

It is our (the SSC) responsibility to ensure administrative costs such as telephone, office supplies/expenses, name tags, insurance, trophies/awards, are covered.  We also fund Familiarization Power Flying, training and competition expenses for Range Team, First Aid Team, Biathlon, and Effective Speaking.  The Christmas party, Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR), and other activities are also covered by our squadron’s sponsoring committee.

As such, the Sponsoring Committee does ask for a financial contribution from each cadet at the start of the year. If this start-up cost will cause financial hardship for your family a suitable payment plan can be arranged.  If an exemption is required please contact the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chairperson who will keep all information confidential. It is important to note that this in no way impacts the ability of a cadet to participate or register in cadets. {please see Major Darryl W. Rolfe’s letter regarding this matter here}

We are committed to fundraising throughout the year to help offset the additional expenses to the program. Parents/guardians are very much needed to volunteer towards this effort.  Please help out when and where you can.  This organization is a positive environment for our children and we must all support the efforts of those involved in making our squadron a success. Additional financial contributions are also welcome and Charitable Donation Tax Deductible Receipt will be issued for all contributions.

The Parent Society welcomes you to 893 Beaufort Squadron and hopes you will become an involved member for the good of the Air Cadets.  For our Squadron to be a successful organization we need to work together as a team.  We encourage you to get involved so that your cadet can benefit from your input!

Each month between September and June we have a Parent and Sponsoring Committee Meeting.

You are invited and encouraged to attend these short meetings. Many decisions are made at these meetings that affect YOUR cadet. Make sure your membership is up-to-date and share your views and votes!

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