Phonetic Alphabet – February 9, 2021

Good day,

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the virtual training activities that 893 is offering.  I hope they are fun and engaging with a bit of learning thrown in.  It was great to hear about the success of your paper airplanes.  Please send pictures or short videos of your activity if you wish and they can be shared on our website.

  1. For the month of February, we will have a wellness challenge for all of us to work on.  This week you have been asked to add one additional activity to the things you normally do.  It can be anything you wish from doing an at-home exercise routine to taking up a new activity.  There are many virtual workouts and activities available that maybe of interest.  I have challenged myself to try a boot camp exercise class for the next month.
  2. In one or two sentences you will be sharing your choice using the phonetic alphabet (see attachment below).  You can use the one I have attached or look for one online.  You may be asked to recite the alphabet or share your message out loud as part of the activity next week.  This is an important part of the activity as we work on skills for speaking in a group and being able to instruct your fellow cadets in a safe environment as you develop instructional skills and leadership practices

India Whiskeyindialimalima Bravoecho Indianovemebertangoechoromeoechosierratangoechodelta IndianovemeberHotelechoalpharomeoindianovemberindianovembergolf Alphabravooscaruniformtango Tangohotelechomike.

Have fun learning and trying out the alphabet by sharing messages with your family this week!

If you are unable to participate in the Tuesday activities please let Captain Aumonier know.

The activities are able to be done on your own time and I hope you will consider keeping engaged in some capacity.  You can send me your results and they will be credited to you as having attended the evening.  Captain Rose and I are hoping to see more of you join in as you see how much fun each week has been.  We are trying to keep the evening to under an hour so it is not a huge time commitment for you.

phonetic alphabet

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