Marksmanship is one of the most popular cadet training activities. Cadet marksmanship had its roots in familiarization training with the Canadian Forces. Its current focus, however, is on teaching cadets the proper use and safe handling of firearms for recreational purposes only. The marksmanship program has been specifically designed for youth and is based on Olympic-style competition.

Self-confidence, acceptance of responsibility and sports etiquette are just some of the life skills acquired from the training. A healthy respect for firearms, the development of proficient use of rifles for sport and recreational purposes, and an improvement in self-discipline are additional benefits.

Cadets use the Daisy 853C air rifle that fires a .177 caliber pellet and has a round aperture sight. Because of the low muzzle velocity, the Daisy 853C is not classified as a firearm under federal gun legislation. Our training always teaches to the higher standard, so even though the 853c is not a firearm we treat it as such. Following all the safety rules and guidelines of safe firearm handling (safety equipment, example glasses). A qualified Canadian Forces Range Safety Officer runs the range to a standard that is at least equal to the civilian standard, but in most cases exceeds it. Throughout the year, cadets participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in zone and territorial/provincial competitions and the annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship. Also, marksmanship activities are present at all the various cadet summer training centers and some courses are aimed specifically towards this program.

This year (2020), we also have new target stands as well as extra sights to make things easier for the cadets to learn and grow in the confidence of their skills. Because of the unique circumstances this year, we have a plan on how we are making the teams and are looking at how we can have some fun competitions within the Squadron.

If you are interested in participating, we encourage to reach out to learn more.

Qualification Badges

Marksman ​​​​​​​
2 groupings of 5 pellets
​​​​​​​within 3 cm

First Class Marksman
2 groupings of 5 pellets
​​​​​​​within 2.5 cm

Expert Marksman
2 groupings of 5 pellets
​​​​​​​within 2 cm

Distinguished Marksman
​​​​​​​2 groupings of 5 pellets
​​​​​​​within 1.5 cms

Marksmanship Championship Series Pin

Bronze - Participate in the Zone Championship under the Canadian Cadet Movement Marksmanship Championship Series.

Silver - Participate in the Provincial Championship under the Canadian Cadet Movement Marksmanship Championship Series.

Gold - Participate in the National Championship under the Canadian Cadet Movement Marksmanship Championship Series.

Clément Tremblay and Vamplew Award
Awarded to the Top Marksman at the National Marksmanship Championship. The top cadet in the junior category receives the Clément Tremblay Award and the top cadet in the open category receives the Vamplew Award.

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