Biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and shooting. The competitions advance all the way to the National level. Dry Land Training and Range is part of the training.

Drill Team is an exercise of obedience, accuracy and concentration, it is closely supervised and the utmost precision is demanded. It sets standards for individuals and the Squadron, and builds a sense of confidence. Comprised of cadets from ACs to WO1s who present drill routines entirely without commands and under the direction of a Drill Commander. The Drill Team works meticulously to have pristine drill combinations and dress. The Drill Team presents a five-minute Precision Drill Routine in addition to the Compulsory Routine at competition. A commitment of weekly practice plus extra practices right before competition and attendance at the Competition is required.

First Aid Team is implemented each year to develop enhanced cadet knowledge and studies for the Emergency and Standard First Aid Certification through St. John’s Ambulance. This course proves to be useful in life-threatening emergencies, and is an asset to a cadet’s resume when they are job seeking. The First Aid Team also competes in Tri- Services Lower Mainland First Aid competition. Juniors (aged 12 - 14) can achieve a St. John’s Emergency First Aid Ticket, and the Seniors (ages 14+) can achieve a St. John’s Standard First Aid Ticket. SSC 893 has three different teams: In-House Competition Team, ACR Demonstration Team, and Regional Competition Team. Each level has different responsibilities and requirements.

Range teaches cadets to shoot the Daisy Air Rifles by shooting targets. Records are kept so that cadets can compete for Best Shot, Most Improved Shot, etc. Each cadet must complete a Safe Rifle and Range Course prior to their first attendance at Range. Cadets participating in Range have the opportunity to compete in Range Shoot and Biathlon competitions.

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