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Activities You'll Participate In


Learn how to safely shoot an air rifle and improve your marksmanship skills.

Ground School

Learn the basics of flight by participating in the ground school course.

Fam Flying

Familiarization flying.  Opportunities to fly as a passenger in various small aircraft.


You'll get the opportunity to fly-in a glider at Comox AFB with a licensed pilot.


Train in marksmanship and skiing to participate in zone competitions.


Computerized Aircraft Simulations.  Learn how to fly on computer flight simulators.

First Aid

Learn life saving first aid skills and participate in zone competitions.


Field training exercise weekends, learn valuable survival and leadership skills.


You Can Be A Part Of Something Great!

Air Cadets is an amazing program that helps you learn important life skills like leadership, discipline, teamwork, survival skills, marksmanship, first aid, and an introduction to the basics of flight for those who intend on becoming a pilot one day.  It's an excellent addition to your resume and an organization that many employers hold in high-regard.

What We Do

Air Cadets is a fun and exciting program where you can learn new skills, make new friends, and prepare yourself for a career in aviation or the military.


Cadets will have the opportunity to fly with qualified pilots in small aircraft locally and gliders at CFB Comox.



FTX weekends are outings where cadets learn valuable leadership, survival, and first-aid skills in a fun and exciting setting.

FTX Weekends


Learn how to safely and accurately shoot air rifles and even compete with your peers for marksmanship badges.

Marksmanship Training


The air cadets biathlon program encourages physical fitness and marksmanship excellence and allows cadets to compete regionally and provincially.

Biatholon Competitions

Ground School

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a ground school course to prepare them for the ground school required to become a pilot.

Ground School


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