Parent Letter from Major Darryl W. Rolfe, CD – October 2020

Dear parent/guardian,

Thank you for choosing the Cadet Program for your son/daughter. The Cadet Program develops confident, self-sufficient leaders who form lasting friendships and are engaged in their communities, while promoting physical fitness, healthy living, and fostering an interest in the activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Cadet Program also strengthens Canadian communities by investing in youth and developing community leaders through experiences of a peer led program that is open to all youth in a safe, yet challenging environment.

There are no fees to participate in the Cadet Program. Uniforms, as well as local and summer training opportunities are provided free of charge. However, our civilian partners, the Navy League, Army Cadet League and Air Cadet League, and local committees, incur costs for some aspects of the program, such as insurance, rent for buildings that DND is not able to provide, and sometimes additional experiences for cadets. They raise funds for these costs using a variety of strategies such as approaching business and service clubs for sponsorship, applying for grants, conducting local fundraising activities and asking for annual donations from families. Each local committee determines the amount of funds to be raised and the methods used.

You may be approached by your local committee to make an annual donation and, if this is within your means, we encourage you to support them. This is a community-based program and it is through the support of communities, and parents that the program is successful. However, if you are unable to provide a donation, there will be no repercussions or consequences to your child’s experience with this program.

You may also be asked to volunteer, and, in some communities, there may be an opportunity to become further involved with the program as an adult leader. Becoming an adult leader in the Cadet Program is a choice that many in your community have already made, and it has made a big difference for the youth in your area. It’s easier than you may think, it’s a lot of fun and the skills you learn as an adult leader are transferable to your regular employment. I assure you that the Cadet Program can be as enriching for you as a parent/guardian as it can be for your child, should you choose to get involved.

Again, welcome to the Cadet Program and thank you for making us the program of choice for Canada’s youth.

Major Darryl W. Rolfe, CD

Area Officer Commanding  (Vancouver Island), Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)

Canadian Armed Forces / Tel: 250-890-3512 / Cel: 250-702-2105 / CSN: 252-3512


Commandant de secteur (île Vancouver), Unité Régionale de soutien aux cadets (Pacifique)

Forces armées canadiennes / Tél : 250-890-3512 / Tél cel: 250-702-2105 / RCCC: 252-3512









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