Parade Announcements October 27, 2020

Good Day Everyone:

Thank you for your participation in this past Tuesday’s return to in-person training!  It was great to see everyone complying with preventative health measures (PHM’s) and actively participating in Canada Fitness Testing.

As mentioned, our next in-person training event is on Tuesday, November 3, and will be a Commanding Officer’s parade.  Uniform (C-1) will be required (for those that have it) and awards will be presented to those cadets that earned them at last year’s virtual Annual Ceremonial Review.  We will also present the qualification badges to those cadets that earned one during Canada Fitness testing last week.

After the awards presentation, cadets will participate in a presentation on Positive Social Relationships in Youth and receive further instruction from our senior cadets on how to appropriately care for and maintain their uniform.  In addition to your water bottle and snack, I would encourage you to bring black Kiwi polish and a cloth for the boot shining lesson!

Click here for references on how to properly wear your uniform and the placement of badges.

See you on Tuesday!

Capt Stephen Rose, CD

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