February 12th, 2022 Announcement


I want to thank everyone for their patience as we transitioned to virtual training again.  I know I speak for everyone when I say it will be good to be able to meet in person again.  The cadet program has proven it can be resilient and 893 has definitely shown their commitment to continue to build as a team and work together to maintain connections.  As we move towards the end of our training year in June, there will be several announcements that may be time sensitive.  PLEASE WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ON FB, WEBSITE, AND EMAIL.  We will try to ensure everyone is getting the most up to date information but it requires all of us to be diligent.  If you have any questions please send them to 893air@cadets.gc.ca and one of the staff will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Feb 15

We will have a guest speaker, LCol Steven Deschamp retired, who will talk about the new CASC program just installed at the hangar and ready to be tested.  It is a VR system with the most current program and offers a very realistic experience.  Please try to attend this and show our appreciation for the efforts he has put into helping us get started.  Parents are welcome!

Feb 21

Virtual training online

We are currently awaiting the approval to once again meet in person.  With the crawl, walk, run process for our return, we will continue with virtual until the PHO announcements and approval from the cadet program.  Our first in person will be a trip to Mt Washington on Feb 26th.  This is a multi unit activity with Port Alberni and Parksville Sea Cadets.

Feb 26

Pick up in Port Alberni 0645 hrs 4272 Cedarwood Street

Pick up Qualicum 0715 hrs Qualicum welcome sign

Pick up Parksville 0730 hrs 330 Craig Street

We will be doing snowshoe activities and having lunch at the Raven Café.  Our intention is to pre order lunch upon arrival and find an open table area outside to eat.  All fees, rentals, and lunch are provided.  Please bring snacks and a full water bottle with you.  Dress for the weather and conditions of the location.

Return times are:

Craig St 1700 hrs

QB welcome signs 1715 hrs

Cedarwood St 1745 hrs

Times may vary due to conditions so please ensure you are able to pick up with a 30 minute window on either side of those timings.  Cadets will call to notify parents if this is required.

Feb 28

Effective speaking competition with 205 Collishaw air cadets 1830-2000 hrs.  Julius Mann will represent our squadron.  This will be a virtual activity.

Mar 1

Anticipated first in person meeting for all cadets.  Watch for announcements on FB, website, and email for full details.

Mar 19

Pending final approval

Full day activity at the hangar to develop drill, rocket building, and CASC.  Lunch provided.  Further details to follow.

Mar 20-Apr 3

Spring Break-No Cadets

Apr 5

Commanding Officer Parade

Apr 23-24

FTX – no overnight but full day training at CF METR for 2 days   0800-1700 hrs

Summer training

We will be announcing plans for the summer in the next weeks.  There will be many opportunities to attend an in person activity.  Level 1 and 2 will be doing this in our community with Level 3 and 4 having choices at a Cadet training centre.  With the rescope of the cadet program in the past 2 years, these will not look like they have in the past.  It is hoped that every cadet who wants to attend a course will have the opportunity.  If you are 16 years old before June 30 you may be eligible to be employed as a Staff Cadet.  This is a great opportunity to develop leadership and Instructional skills while earning money.

We are hoping to continue to offer marksmanship and introduce biathlon as we move back to in person training.  Details will be announced as we obtain approval.


Captain Brenda Aumonier, CD


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