Parade Announcements – October 19, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed the lessons on Tuesday!

We are off to a slow, but great start!  All cadets should have been measured for uniforms now and many received their initial issue this week.  New uniforms continue to arrive weekly, so if you are waiting for an item, please be patient!

October 25 – Marksmanship begins and will occur from 1830-2000 hours at the hangar.  All cadets are welcome to attend.  Appropriate civilian attire is required – no uniforms!

October 26 – All cadets will wear appropriate civilian PT (Physical Training) clothing so that they can participate in Canada Fitness Testing.  Ensure you bring a water bottle, a mask and appropriate footwear for running (and completion of the “beep test”).

October 31 – We will host advanced placement training, for those identified last week, at the hangar from 0900 – 1600 hours.  Dress will be civilian clothing for cadets and FTU’s for instructors.  Course cadets should bring their parade boots for drill classes.

Effective Speaking (Toastmasters) continues on November 1 from 1830-2000 hours at the hangar with Mr. DeBarros.  All cadets are welcome to attend. Appropriate civilian attire is required – no uniforms!

November 2 – Commanding Officer Parade – All cadets will wear C1A.  Refer to your Parent Handbook for uniform and dress standards.

November 6 – FTX – Our field training exercise will be held at CFMETR from 0830 – 1730 hours. Cadets will wear the issued Field Training Uniform.  More to follow on this!

Remembrance Day – We will need cadet volunteers for sentry duty at the Bowser ceremony on November 11, a candle ceremony at Qualicum Beach on November 10.  More to follow on these activities.

Parents are reminded that our in-person training in a COVID environment prohibits non-cadets and adults from entering the hangar.  If you wish to speak with a staff member, please make arrangements via email in advance.  Thank you for your anticipated understanding.


Capt ST Rose

Commanding Officer

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