Parade Announcements – Oct 12, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed the lessons on Tuesday!  We are off to a slow, but great start!

All cadets should have been measured for uniforms now and many received their initial issue this week.  If you received a FTU (Field Training Uniform), it will be your order of dress this weekend at Operation – Back to Nature at CFMETR in Nanoose Bay.  If you do not have FTU, appropriate civilian attire is required.  Please check the website for the recommended kit list and don’t forget a spare mask.  Drop off is at the main gate at CFMETR at 0830 hrs.  If you are not familiar with the location, Google will be your friend if you search “CFMETR.”

On that note, the weather is looking terrible on Saturday with a rainfall warning with 35-45 mm of rain.  As such, we have made the decision to postpone training on Saturday as it won’t be much fun in the rain!  We plan to go ahead with training on Sunday from 0830 – 1730 hrs, however, please continue to monitor the website in case we have to cancel that as well due to weather.  We don’t mind being outside with a few showers, however, a torrential downpour is no fun!

On October 19, all cadets ranked Sergeant and above with an issued uniform that fits shall wear C3.  Everyone else will wear C3E (if it fits).  All cadets without a uniform should wear black pants and a white dress shirt if available.  If not, appropriate civilian attire is acceptable.  Don’t forget to check your new Handbooks which contain the orders of dress and a lot of useful information about the cadet program!  Thank you to the SSC for creating this reference guide!

Effective Speaking (Toastmasters) begins on October 18 from 1830-2000 hours at the hangar with Mr. DeBarros.

Advanced Placement cadets, those that joined when over 12 years of age – who will be identified on Tuesday, will have a single day of training on October 31 at the hangar.  More details to follow.

On October 26 we will have Canada Fitness Testing.  As mentioned, feel free to Google it and look at the exercises that you have to complete in order to earn a qualification badge.  PT clothing will be required.

Parents are reminded that our in-person training in a COVID environment prohibits non-cadets and adults from entering the hangar.  If you wish to speak with a staff member, please make arrangements via email ( in advance.  Thank you for your anticipated understanding.

Remember to bring a water bottle to training and a small snack until we re-start our canteen!  Don’t forget your mask!  See you this weekend, at effective speaking or on Tuesday next week. That’s all for now!

Capt ST Rose

Commanding Officer

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