Parade Announcements – Oct 5, 2021

It was great to see all the new and returning cadets in person on Tuesday! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the team building activities and had an opportunity to meet a few new friends!  Thanks to WO2 Moore for organizing the evening!  Tuesday’s goal was to have cadets meet their peers and to continue with registration and uniform measurements.

Next week, October 12, we will transition into regular instruction with classes based on your proficiency level.  

Uniform: If your uniform fits, cadets ranked Sergeant and above, will wear C3.  Cadets ranked Flight Corporal and below will wear C3E (if it fits).  All cadets without a uniform should wear black pants and a white dress shirt if available.  If not, appropriate civilian attire is acceptable.  CI Herrington will continue to replace uniform parts for those that have outgrown them and being issuing Field Training Uniform.  Be sure to return uniform parts that no longer fit.

Effective Speaking & Range: We have received approval for in person Effective Speaking (Toastmasters) and Range (Marksmanship) at the Hangar.  These activities will begin October 18 and alternate.  Be sure to sign up on the nominal role at the hangar on Tuesday night!

Our first Survival Exercise will be held at CFMETR in Nanoose Bay on October 16 and 17.  Be sure to sign up on the nominal role at the hangar on Tuesday night!  A permission slip is posted to the website here.  Please print, complete and return it on Tuesday evening.

That’s all for now!  Remember to bring a water bottle to training and a small snack until we re-start our canteen!  See you next week.

Capt ST Rose

Commanding Officer

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