Good Day Cadets & Parents:

Thank you for your patience as we finalize the plan to reopen for the upcoming training year. As you know, COVID is still with us and we have to be sure to open in a manner that minimizes any risk to our cadets and staff while complying with Provincial Health Orders and direction from our chain of command.

In short, we will be meeting in person this fall. The first in-person parade activity is scheduled for October 5. In the meantime, however, the staff and sponsor are planning to be at the hangar on September 28 from 1830-2030 to accept new registrations and to do validations for returning cadets. We are also finalizing the activities for this upcoming training year including our first outdoor Survival Exercise in mid-October.

Regardless of vaccination status, masks will still be required when in person at the hangar. Proof of vaccination status is not required at this time to participate in the cadet program. The Commander distributed a letter to all parents which can be found here. Parents and visitors are currently not permitted to enter the hangar. When you attend to register, we will greet you at the front entrance.

New cadets, those that are joining for the first time, are encouraged to initiate your registration with 893 Beaufort Squadron by visiting the national website which can be found here. On the site, you can enter your particulars and then bring the required documents (like your birth certificate) to the local headquarters during either of the registration nights in September. If you turn 12 later in the year and wish to join, you can still do so by registering after your birthday!

Returning cadets are encouraged to attend the hangar to complete their validation and to exchange uniform if you have outgrown your issued items. The detailed health questionnaire must be completed by all cadets in person and cannot be sent by email.

Both new and returning cadets are required to have a functioning email address that you have access to – not one that your parent or guardian receives and monitors, but that you can use to register as a cadet. This is required as cadets will be loaded into our new Cadet365 application this year which will afford you access to Microsoft Office, Teams, etc.

Regular training nights will be Tuesdays from 1830-2100. Effective Speaking and Range will be on Mondays. At this time, 893 does not have any plan to deliver local training virtually. There will be opportunities for regional/national virtual training that include Ground School, Band and similar activities. Information about activities outside of regular Tuesday night parades will be shared in the coming weeks.

We look forward to welcoming you all to 893 Beaufort Squadron this year! Please continue to monitor the website and your inbox for updates as we finalize the plan for Fall.

Capt Stephen Rose, CD
Commanding Officer
893 Beaufort Squadron

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