Effective Speaking – May 10, 2021

Effective Speaking Team!

Our last meeting of the season will be Monday, May 10 at 1830hrs.

Here a are couple of 1 -2 minute speeches I’d like you to consider.

If you could be a TV or movie character, who would it be?  Think of Luke Skywalker or Uncle Buck, or something else like this.  It can be a character from any fictional genre, books, movies, cartoons, TV.  Have some fun with this.


Come up with some good and bad about the past year with COVID.  Hopefully we get to have a more normal summer and wouldn’t that be great.

I know some of you are having pressures from school, these are short speeches.

See you next week.

And for the adults attending, why don’t you present a short speech on these topics as well.

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