Spring Break Camp Update – March 1, 2021

Good day,

As we carefully follow the COVID cases in BC, and particularly in our local area, we need to consider that an in-person CAP option scheduled for the week of 22-26 March is becoming less likely to be able to occur. This has always been a consideration for all Squadrons and a reason we have had to be careful not to promise activities we may not be able to offer in person.   There will be a Virtual CAP offered by the Region which will offer several different activities and should be very interesting.  If you are interested in participating in the virtual activities you will need to register.  You can self-register using the email below or you can let me know you wish to participate and I will register you.

The Cadet program is very committed to not providing any opportunity for transmission through the program and will always err on the side of caution to ensure they are not a vector for transmission.  They do not take the decision to remain a virtual program lightly and will authorize in-person training as soon as it is deemed appropriate. Authority to resume in-person training comes from RCSU Pacific and this authorization will only occur once the current Public Health Orders have been modified to allow for small group interactions to happen in the community.

Please consider registering for the Virtual options that will be happening.  As more information is available it will be posted to the website.  The final activities have not been finalized at this point.

–        Virtual CAP is open to all cadets regardless of the planned activity of the corps/sqn

–        Virtual CAP will be comprised of a variety of activities done in one-hour blocks, four blocks in a day.

–        Activities are likely to include (these are examples that are likely to be offered but no hard decisions are yet made):

o   Codes & ciphers

o   Web programming

o   Temporary shelters & knots

o   Boat basics and buoyancy

o   Origami

o   Photography

o   Basic map & compass

–        The current plan will see cadets participate over Webex

–        It will be delivered to cadets based upon their desired week: 15 to 19 March OR 22 to 26 March

–        Cadets do not necessarily need to participate in all the activities of the week. If they have a personal conflict or simply aren’t interested in the activities in a certain block, they’re free to “skip” it and join in a later block.

–        Registration is as previously discussed where you can register them in Fortress and we’ve also added the means for cadets to effectively “self-register” by emailing our Area mailbox (rcsupac.vi@cadets.gc.ca) with their interest.


Captain Brenda Aumonier, CD


Canadian Armed Forces, 893 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS)

Personal Cell 250-889-9258



893 Escadron des Cadets de l’Aviation royale du Canada (ECARC) Forces armées canadiennes


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