Parade Announcements February 2, 2021

Parade Announcements – February 2, 2021

  • There will be a virtual sign-up sheet going out this week for the spring break activity we are currently planning for.  It will be March 22-26th at our building from 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs.  We are currently planning the activities we hope to have approved.  It will be a fun, interesting and engaging week.  Please be aware that we are planning to be in person but with the current COVID restrictions this may change to a virtual activity.  Watch for updates as hear more details.  Your participation must be registered so it is important to hear from you right away about participation.
  • Activities and all important information that you need to be aware of are now being posted to our website in addition to the emails that the Sponsor sends out weekly.  Please make it a practice to check the website weekly for any new details. 
  • Summer training opportunities are expected to be announced soon.  Should it be possible, there will be an opportunity for cadets to attend in-person summer training this year.  There will also be virtual courses offered.  These courses fill up very quickly so it is important to know who is interested once they are announced.  Stay tuned for further details as they become available.
  • Level 5 Cadets please ensure you have looked at your current assignment and prepare for your instruction assignment.
  • Level 5 workshop information has been sent out and is posted on the website.  You are required to complete 4 workshops as part of the completion of this level and this is a great year to complete these.
  • We are planning for promotions that cadets will soon be eligible for.  We are hoping to be able to do this in person in front of your peers.  We will revise this to a virtual event if required.  Watch for future announcements on this.
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