Parade Announcements October 20, 2020

Good Day:

Thanks to everyone that attended our In Person Registration on October 20 and for complying with our preventative health measures (PHM’s). Together we can make the best of this modified training year and keep everyone safe by wearing a mask during ALL in person activities and not attending if you feel unwell.

For those that are still interested in joining cadets, or that could not make it last Tuesday, please know that we will have ongoing registration on Tuesday evenings. New cadets can fill out the registration form (found here) before-hand. The only restriction is that as cadets will now be in the hangar, adults cannot enter the building so you will have to contact Capt Rose by email ( to make an appointment so that paper work can be brought to your vehicle outside.

Our next parade evening will be Tuesday, October 27 from 1830 hrs to 2115 hrs. Cadets should wear PT clothes (physical training clothes such as shorts, sweats, a t-shirt and runners) as we will be doing PT and Canada Fitness Testing. Do not wear your uniform. Please watch the video posted to our website ( demonstrating new protocols for entering the hangar. Cadets should also view the Covi-19 Aide Memoire if they haven’t yet done so. All of this information is currently found under the Announcements tab.

Canada Fitness Testing is a collection of flexibility, agility and endurance tests (including the beep test / shuttle run) that results in a qualification badge being awarded if cadets meet certain benchmarks. These benchmarks vary based on the gender and age of the cadet and are available online.

Returning cadets (non-first year cadets) are encouraged to also bring their uniform parts that no longer fit as you will have an opportunity to visit the supply office and exchange clothing for larger articles. Of course, if we don’t have your size in stock, it will be ordered.

Next week’s parade will generally look like this:

-Cadets will arrive and complete COVID screening at the entrance (Just like last week) – doors open at 1815 hrs. Parents / guardians must wait outside in their vehicles until the cadet is admitted;
-Once they sanitize and confirm that they have a mask, they will enter the parade square while maintaining social distancing;
-We will “form up on parade” and complete a roll call and provide further instructions;
-We will complete a warm up, fitness testing and then participate in a team sport;
-At the end of the evening we will complete announcements and have cadets depart in an orderly fashion;
-Parents / guardians must wait outside in their vehicles to pick up their cadet and be at the hangar between 2100 and 2115 hrs.

Our November 3 parade will be our first Commanding Officer’s parade which occurs on the first Tuesday of each month. Uniform will be required (for those that have it) and awards will be presented to those cadets that earned them at last year’s virtual Annual Ceremonial Review. Unfortunately, only cadets and staff are permitted to attend events in the hangar so parents won’t be able to attend the CO’s parades. We are hoping to share video/photos of the events for parents, when possible.

Have a good weekend!


Capt Stephen Rose, CD

Commanding Officer, 893 Beaufort RCACS
Canadian Armed Forces / Tel: 250-228-4281

Commandant, 893 Beaufort ECARC
Forces armées canadiennes / Tél: 250-228-4281

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